This Project is a result of many different peopleís desire to know their familyís heritage, and goes hand in hand with a large wall chart that has also been compiled.

As mentioned on the Wall Chart there have been 6 major contributors over the last 60 years, these being:


                    William Hernon Woodfall 1875-1962

                    Frank William Woodfall 1912-1986

                    Jack Harvey Junius Woodfall 1917-1981

                    Peter Richard Hovelroud 1964

                    Diana Kay Wittistruck 1957

                    Gary Alan Woodfall 1943

These people are William Hernon (my Grandfather), Frank William (the Grandfather of Peter Hovelroud, Frank Williamís brother, Jack Harvey Junius, Diana Kay Wittistruck from the United States, myself, and Peter Hovelroud, who in many respects, this would not have come to this stage without his generosity, dedication, and attention to detail, all of these attributes he has displayed and encouraged in others to pursue this dream of passing on the knowledge of our ancestry, many of whom, were distinguished, well educated and important people, as well as numerous others that have contributed through memories and data.

This is a never ending project, that hopefully another generation will take up and continue, and in doing so I hope that they will get as much pleasure as I have done.



January, 2002

Revised July, 2004