William Hernon Woodfall


William Hernon Woodfall, born the 2nd of four children to Arthur Henry Woodfall and Mary Annie Shiels (who was born in Fife, Scotland). He married Ella Blanche Smith, the daughter of a quite well to do Station Manager from Maitland NSW., together they brought into this world 11 children, the last one dying the day after her birth. They raised their family predominantly in Chapman Street, North Melbourne. While on a birth certificate of his 2nd youngest child Alan Gray, he is credited with being an accountant and articled clerk., for the latter part of his life, while his health allowed, he ran a book store and library, called Queensberry Lending Library, 228 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne. He became quite cantankerous in his latter years, alienating most of his children, for various reasons. Although, he was apparently quite caring and helpful to one Frank William Woodfall, a distant nephew, who had moved to Australia in 1950, and who shortly after was going through a marriage break up. It was with Frank William that he shared his knowledge of the ‘family genealogy’, and passed on much of his collected data and letters.

Unfortunately, none of his immediate family were at all interested in their background, to such an extent, they kept very few photos, and it appears none of William Hernon or Ella Blanche.



Below is a copy of the register of birth of William Hernon Woodfall, as can be ascertained from this, his father Arthur was an accountant, born in London, and his mother Mary Anne Shiels was born in Fife, Scotland



Below is the extract of birth of Ella Blanche Smith, born at Campbell's Hill, West Maitland.  Her father Henry Smith was a Station Manager, 22 years of age and born in Wollombi, New South Wales, and her mother Sarah Cummins, aged 24 and also born in West Maitland.



The Family and Descendants of William Hernon and Ella Blanche

Back Row: Norman Blee, Geoff Blee, Ken Blee, Janice Blee, Mary Joynson & George Joynson
Middle Row: Stuart Baker, Dulcie Baker, Penelope Woodfall, Kenneth Woodfall, Gary Woodfall (on knee), Caroline Joynson, Nellie Woodfall  & Eunice Blee.
Front Row: Thelma Baker, Alan Woodfall, ?, Ella Maie Baker, Nuggett (Nellie's Friend)