Laurie at School                                  Laurie & Gary                                      Laurie in Darwin


Born the youngest of 3 children, was only 6 when the marriage of Alan and Peg split up, and as such was predominately raised under the roof of Bill Wallis and Peg, left school as soon as was possible. At this stage he joined the public service at Albert Park, after a period of time he transferred to New Guinea where he was stationed for a number of years, it was here that he met and married Helen Hanson, they later moved to Darwin, where Helen gave birth to Bianca and Justin. In Darwin, Laurie successfully operated a large smash repair business. He was a very keen parachutist, until he got older and more wiser. Both he and Helen were living in Darwin when “Cyclone Tracy” destroyed the city, but he remained in the town to assist with the rebuilding as well as the rebuilding of his business.


                                                                                                                                 Bianca Woodfall                  Justin Woodfall


After the separation from Helen, Laurie met up with Amanda Parkes whom he later married, their first born Olivia Jane was born at Darwin Private Hospital, followed by Hayden Laurence at Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne  and then Nathan Liam, and lastly Joshua Alan.

             On moving back to Victoria, Laurie bought P.M. Panels in Seaford



Laurie at his 40th Birthday Amanda Parkes
Olivia Woodfall Hayden Woodfall Nathan Woodfall Joshua Woodfall


Justin, Laurie and Bianca at Laurie's 50th