Florence Woodfall                             Paul Harrison Tyler



Paul Harrison Tyler sailed on schooners as a boy of 12 in Somerset Co., Maryland, he served as an officer and master of vessels of the Merchant and Miner’s Transportation Company before joining the bureau. When Captain of the steamer “Frederick”, he rescued the crew of a brig that had sunk of Hatteras. He was a prominent Hull Inspector with the Bureau until he retired January 31, 1967. There is strong evidence that he actually became head of the Bureau. His hobby was making sundials.


         Ora Evelyn Tyler & Julian Franklin Wittistruck             Florence Tyler & Richard Leonard Carlton


                         Douglass Frank Wittistruck                            Joyce Arlene Fruid

                                                                                                their children

        Dawn Leslie Wittistruck
                 married to
                Diana Kay Wittistruck
                       married to
Melinda Sue Wittistruck
       Larry Vincent Sauerwein          Norman B. (Tom) Thompson II
Evan Michael Thompson