Craig Alan Woodfall, born at Brighton, Victoria, was educated in Primary to grade 5 at Wallarano Primary School, Noble Park, from there he went to Youngtown Primary School in Launceston, Tasmania. He attended Kings Meadows High School, where he was captain of the School's Tennis Team. On completing his term at Kings Meadows, went to Launceston Matriculation College, where in his terminology, he partied for two years but managed to graduate and was admitted to University at the Launceston Campus, where he was accepted into accountancy, but just before he actually enrolled, he enquired about Physical Education, to which he was also accepted. Deciding that he could not really see himself, locked up indoors for the rest of his working life, he opted for Phys.Ed. After graduating he was posted by choice as an itinerant teacher in the Fingal Valley, teaching Phys.Ed and Music.

He spent 3 years in the valley, where he was fortunate to meet a group of friends that were able to ease the loneliness of that posting, and also become lifelong friends.
He left the Education Department for a couple of years to become a full time Tennis Coach and administrator at the Launceston Indoor Sports Arena, after becoming sick of being on call 7 days a week, he returned to teaching at Mayfield Primary School, from there he was seconded to Punchbowl Primary School as acting Vice-Principal.
He played "A" Grade tennis in Launceston, represented Tasmania in the Pizzey Cup, and became a registered coach at 17.

Around 1994 he met up with his old girlfriend from Launceston Matriculation, they moved in together, their son was born in 1996 and they were married in 1997, unfortunately, by late 1999, through a number of different circumstances, they separated, but remain quite good friends.

During the time after separation from Sarah,  and during a period of instability in relationships Ruby Grace was conceived by Kristy  Seymour, shortly after this happening, Craig met up with Helen Smith a separated mother of of 2 delightful girls, they have now been together for over 2 years and are in the throws of building a new house in West Launceston.

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