Alan Woodfall was born at Malvern, the 2nd last of 11 children, and lived most of his childhood living in North Melbourne. He served an apprenticeship as a Spray Painter. This was his life time vocation (except for a short period during the 2nd World War), when he enlisted in the army and he  was employed as a fitter & turner to assist the war effort.

He was the father of four known children. The first born was a girl born out of wedlock to an unknown female. The other 3 were born to Penelope Christine Conolly, being Gary Alan, Glenda Lindsay and Laurence Douglas.

 They were married in 1943, and lived with his sister Caroline above the Kennington Laundry in Riddle Parade, Elsternwick. Shortly, after they moved into a shared house in Elsternwick, with Bunny and Les Owens. Sometime prior to 1948 they lived in Kyneton, with Pegís sister Dorothy and her husband William Forbes. In 1948 they moved to Shepparton and resided at 128 Nixon Street. It was while they were living in Shepparton that Glenda and Laurie was born. In 1952 after a Christmas holiday in Mackay, Queensland they moved there to live in Lavarack Street, North Mackay.

While living in Mackay, Alan started his own Body Repair Shop, and due to the
success of this venture they suddenly found that they had more money than they could cope with. Their lifestyle changed, they bought cars and both started drinking heavily.

In or around 1955-56 the economy of Mackay was thrown into a turmoil, when the bulk handling of sugar on the wharves of Mackay was started. They majority of the waterside workers were retrenched and sent the economy of the town spiralling downwards. As a result their business was undercapitalised and Alan took in a partner ďBunnyĒ Unger. With less money at their disposal, they obviously started or continued their conflicting lifestyles, Alan had an affair with the unmarried neighbour, and Peg started her own liaison with Bill Wallis.

Around Christmas 1957 Peg took off to Victoria with Bill Wallis, taking both Glenda and Laurie with her. She returned late March, 1958 at this stage they definitely decided to separate and Gary was forced to leave Mackay to come to Victoria with the others.

In early 1959, Alan left Mackay or to be more precise arrived in Melbourne, and after living there for a month or two decided to look up Gary, who by this time was living with Alanís sister Caroline and her husband Albert Joynson. After a couple of months he and Gary were living in a one roomed flat with shared facilities in Elsternwick, this lasted for a number of months until they finally moved into a self contained two bedroomed flat down by the railway line in Elsternwick with Alanís sister, Nellie.

Shortly thereafter Alanís father William Hernon Woodfall who at this stage was quite ill came to live with them in the front room. Eventually he got better and went to live in North Melbourne at a Bookstore cum wineshop opposite the Melbourne School for
Printing and Graphic Arts.

After a period of time Alan, Nellie and Gary moved to Flat 4, 14 King Street, Elsternwick, where they lived until firstly Alan remarried to Leila Moffat and later Gary married Lynne Rowley.

Alan met Leila through golf, a sport which had become his one passion in life, apart from drinking. Leila had three children from her marriage to Steve Moffat, they were Janice, Steve, Jnr and Alan. Steve Snr was employed as a driver/delivery man by the Kennington Laundry and was killed while driving for them.

Alan was a very keen sportsman, who tried his hand at many sports ranging from racing motorbikes in hill climb events, to Australian Rules Football, to Cricket and finally golf.

He played football for Shepparton United Football Club, but his greatest efforts were in cricket where he played ďAĒ grade in Melbourne, Shepparton and Mackay, as well as representing both Shepparton and Mackay District Cricket Associations where he was selected as the wicket keeper in the respective teams.

 After Leila died Alan continued to live in their flat in Parkside Street, Elsternwick, where unfortunately he became increasingly despondent and lonely, this in turn increased the pressure on him to drink heavily. Sometime around 1987-88 he attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself through the roof of his mouth, and whether he was too drunk or could not go through with it, he succeeded in shooting himself in the neck.

Now, being heavily dependent on outside help he existed for another couple of years with the help of Nellie and his daughter Glenda until he eventually passed away on 4th September, 1990 aged 73.